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Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

In order to start investing online, first you must establish a trading plan that suits your needs, (profit-wise and time-wise). The three top time-consuming factors are usually family, kids, and work. The most redundant questions that beginners usually ask themselves before they start trading are:

  • I need to spend a lot of time with my family
  • How can I trade with all the work I have?
  • Do I have time for trading?

There are millions of traders worldwide. Let us assume that the majority of people are working for long hours, have a family or are busy with other events. How do they manage to trade? Each trader customizes a technique based on their day-to-day routine. There are four methods which investors tend to use for trade. First is Short-term trading: traders monitor their trades throughout the day, and their trades are kept for a few minutes, or even a couple of hours. Investors can supervise their trading from their mobile phones, PCs, or even their tablets. In short-term trades, traders usually close their trade with a minimal amount of pips, generating a good percentage of profit over various trades. The Intermediate term is the second method used by traders who tend to work for longs hours a day. Basically, a trader opens a position and holds it for several days and the trade will be check only once each day. By using this strategy, traders will not have to worry about rice movements during the day because this method eliminates that concern.

Medium Term

So far, the basic rationale behind forex trading is as you can see, is not that difficult. When you invest in currencies such as the Euro and the US Dollar, you always have a chance to make a profit as the value of money is constantly changing. This profit can only appear in a matter of minutes, but your investment plan can also occur in a few weeks or even a few months, depending on your plan. Here at Invests360, you will be able to trade on many different currency pairs.